A.B., Phone Home is the 11th episode of season 2 of Fantastic Max and the 24th episode of the series.


When Max spent a fortune on intergalactic crank telephone calls, resulting in a long bill and unable to pay it back, Max, FX and A.B. are force to work at the interplanetary phone company to pay it off or the owner of the company will keep Max's house flea size forever.


The episode begins late night on Earth as Max is using a space picture phone, calling a Mr. Smelly, resulting him that he needs a bath. A.B. then arrive as he is disappointed with Max for making crack calls in space, but Max used an excuse that as a Baby he need to learn about communication, which he then called a different number, to a place called "Dialing a Adventure " where a operator explain that the call will cost him $5,000 Earth dollars, which Max pushed the 1 button on the phone, resulting in him, A.B. and FX being sucked into the phone and found themselves in a grand adventure facing a space dragon and a crazy roller-coaster ride,and ends with them back on Earth, with Max saying that the adventure they had was 10 times cooler then letting his fingers doing the walking, then when A.B. wondered how Max is going to pay the bill Max said he got plenty of time before that can happen, unfortunately the bill collector arrived and showed Max the bill for the Adventure call and his other calls.